2240 Prado, Market Street

2240 Market Street

Residing at 2240 on San Francisco’s historic Market St., this for-sale project has two distinct structures: One 5-story building will house 42 residential and 3 commercial units, while the parcel facing 2157 15th St. will hold 2 units of 3-story residential townhomes. Designed by BAR Architects, with BDE architect as the architect of record, 2240 Market St. will maintain the historic facade on one side of the lot, while the adjoining building will be built new, with a minimalist, modern aesthetic. Several transit options are available within walking distance of the project site, and many daily necessities and nightlife are within a short walk, such as grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, fitness centers, etc, while the nearby Castro and Mission neighborhoods offer still more options for vibrant city living.